Friday, September 23, 2011

My honda accord keeps overheating...whats wrong?

I have a 1992 Honda Accord EX. I changed the thermostat on it on a Saturday, and it did fine the day after we changed it, then my husband took the car and drove it to work that following Monday. It started heating up again that we parked it, until I could get my brother to come help change the radiator hoses. We did that this past Sunday. My husband drove the car on Monday and it did fine. Then I drove it yesterday and today, and it did fine up until today! I was on my way to take a cat to the vet and it started heating up, quickly. I drove it back home and it started heating up not long before I got home. It started smoking and %26quot;boiling%26quot; when I parked it and shut it off. It was smoking from just under the long radiator hose.

What else could it be? Help!?!
My honda accord keeps overheating...whats wrong?
its a good possibility your electric radiator fan isn't working. if you have air conditioning then turn it on and see if the temperature drops--the air conditioning will turn on the condensor fan and that will act as a radiator fan to pull air over the radiator. chances are you had the air conditioning or defroster on when the car wasn't overheating

the radiator fan is on the back of the radiator; you should hear it run when the car is shut off if it was overheating.

if the fan isn't working it could be the fan relay or thermo switch for the fan but the chances are that the motor itself is seized.

try running the car with teh Air Conditioning on and see if it overheats. if it doesn't then the radiator fan isn't working. if it does overheat, then look at the fans when the engine is hot and see if they are working; there is a chance both fan motors arent' working. if the fans aren't working then they will probably need to be replaced

hope that helps
My honda accord keeps overheating...whats wrong?
You could have replaced it with a bad thermostat. Take it out and test it by placing it in boiling water and see if it opens up. They are common to be bad even when new.
Go to a RADIATOR SHOP and get a check up. They usually do a check for free.
It could be a number of things. You could have a bad thermostat again, If it has electric fans the motor could be fried, if you have a fan clutch then the clutch good be %26quot;dragging%26quot; causing it to not work properly. Or your radiator could be plugged up and not flowing properly. Also check your water pump
when your overheating try turning the heater on it will decrease the overheating time to pull over..

or what you can do when you see your temp neddle goes pass the middle go out and check if the fun turns on if not then your fan is broken..

because when cars pass certain temp fan turns on..

also you might have a faulty radiator cap..if its not keeping pressure its going to can go to radiator shop and theyll check your cap..

also radiator can be the source

low coolant

now if it over heats when your idling or sitting on a stop light then its your water pump.. hehee